Agriculture is our past, but also our present and future. A source of well-being in harmony with the environment, the livelihood of many families in the wise use of natural resources.

Being a farmer in the new millennium is not just a profession but a mission. It means giving weight to the simple things when faced with the the rage of the futile. It means adapting to the rhythms of the earth and not wanting to upset them for mere profit.

Agriculture gives us an indelible memory of our grandparents, their sweat and their industriousness. You can rediscover yourself through constant contact with your own land. There is the satisfaction of seeing what one's efforts and hopes have produced.
In agriculture there is a miracle called life, which needs to be looked after and taken care of like a precious casket, every day.

In agriculture there is our time, our victories and our failures.

In agriculture, much more simply, we are ourselves.