Wellness corner

Vegetables are a source of nutritional ingredients and natural fibres essential for healthy eating. It is important to consume them daily because they help in the treatment and prevention of many diseases. Some nutritionists state that three to five portions of vegetables and fruit should be consumed every day, and everyone agrees on their benefits.

The importance of a daily and constant intake of vegetables in our diet can be seen by the nutrients they provide, such as a good source of dietary fibre. In itself fibre has no nutritional or energy value but is nevertheless very important for the regulation of different physiological functions in the body. In fact, in addition to having an important laxative action and facilitating the achievement of a sense of satiety, it also seems to reduce the risk of the occurrence of certain diseases of the intestine.

Vegetables provide important vitamins and minerals, which can help reduce the level of homocysteine, a known risk factor for cardiovascular disease, in the blood. The consumption of vegetables can also ensure a significant intake of selenium and zinc that are part of the body's antioxidant defence systems.

Consuming cooked vegetables every day therefore helps you keep a healthy body and maintain a healthy weight.